Get yourself on TV. I did.

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You really must read this message I got through our Facebook page recently.

Dear sir,

I am a fourth year student at the college of human sciences, with my concentration in communications sciences. I am currently working in my internship with City Television station, and we are shooting one episode in which my assignment is the theme of the day. My desire is to do a piece about how foreigners live in Mostar, and I thought that perhaps someone from your organization would be a relevant spokesperson. If you are available tomorrow or Friday to speak with us, I would be much obliged.


Unfortunately, I was out of town when the message came, so I sent my regrets and said that if I could help when I returned, I would. She contacted me again, through Facebook, and said that we could just do the piece when I returned. Then she called me. Then she sent more messages on Facebook. I should do this thing, I thought, out of respect for her persistence, if for no other reason.

Soon another message came:


My colleagues said that we can arrange the shoot for tomorrow. I have seen several times that you ride your bike to your office. I believe that would be an interesting caveat to the piece. Would it be a problem to film you doing that, for example coming to your office or somewhere in town?


Are these people watching me?

* * *

I agreed, and we met in our town’s square and did the piece. It went on without a hitch. It was a very interesting chance to connect with someone and voice an opinion or two. I had to speak their language, but I think I got my point across.

Sometimes, opportunities fall into your lap.

Honestly, I did nothing to make this whole thing happen. I didn’t go searching for the publicity, and yet an intern from City Television — a station I have never watched — came calling. There is something to be said here for the fact that, especially if you are watching for it, life occasionally presents you with opportunities that you would never search for.

Being in the right place at the right time is a big part of life.

But getting the opportunities is only half of the story — you have to be in a position to use them. And in our line of work, that is the story that matters: how you use the opportunities you have been given.

Reputation. Values. Character. Those are the keys that unlock this puzzle.

Even when you have the keys, the puzzle is still a puzzle. You’ve got to be in the right place to hear your calling. But one thing is for sure — you can’t get to that place if you have a bad reputation among the people you are trying to reach. And you won’t get that good reputation unless you have strong values. And you won’t arrive at decent values without team members who possess strong character.

What are we doing to get to that place? How can we press onward toward the reputation, values, and character that God wants for us?

Answering these questions will bring us closer to the place where we can be ready to have an impact and make lasting change.

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