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I’m experimenting with something new: a weekly email! We’re calling it “The WEEKLY”.

The all-caps name is the best we could come up with. But, it’s a weekly update.

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We’ve had monthly updates forever, but for a long time I’ve had the desire to go deeper and communicate more with our readers. So, from now through the end of 2019, we will start sending out weekly updates to those of you who want more.

Weekly updates will be DIFFERENT!

Monthly updates are good, but they only hit the high points of what we’ve done for the past several weeks. And honestly — how long of an email will you read? In order to keep our communications short, we often have a dilemma of what to leave in and what to leave out.

What you’ll get in the WEEKLY

I hope this weekly email will give you a few things to think about. Here’s the basic content:

  1. A weekly passage of Scripture, with some commentary from me,
  2. A story from our experience in Eastern Europe,
  3. A private Facebook group where you can connect with me and with others who are reading and thinking about all this, and
  4. Occasional articles and links that will help you understand this part of the world better.

So, sign up and get connected. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Sign up for our weekly email HERE