Why you must keep a positive outlook

In my experience, you’ve got to keep a positive outlook, or you’ll lose everything you’re working for. Motivational speakers = snake oil salesmen, right? We’ve all scrolled down on Facebook and seen the great speeches, the infographics, and the emotional appeals that accompany everyday social media. Most people share articles without actually reading them themselves, research has […]

Setting a rhythm for reaching people

Over the course of a ministry year, there are obvious ups and downs. Certain times in the year lend themselves to large-scale promotions and bringing in new contacts, and other times are better for going deeper with the relationships that one already has. The goal, through it all, is to build a strong community, strengthened […]

Teaching English: Making an impact

It is common for people like us to organize things like English classes in our locations, as a way to meet people and offer a tangible service to the demographic where we serve. There are many advantages — English is a universal need in the developing world, and knowledge of English increases one’s opportunities for employment. But […]