Why would an American want to leave America?

Since my recent interview aired on local TV, I have gotten a few questions from friends and acquaintances around town. They usually mention they saw the interview, and then their face becomes a bit confused and they say something like, “all of us are trying to leave this place. Why would an American want to […]

Get yourself on TV. I did.

You really must read this message I got through our Facebook page recently. Dear sir, I am a fourth year student at the college of human sciences, with my concentration in communications sciences. I am currently working in my internship with City Television station, and we are shooting one episode in which my assignment is […]

Setting a rhythm for reaching people

Over the course of a ministry year, there are obvious ups and downs. Certain times in the year lend themselves to large-scale promotions and bringing in new contacts, and other times are better for going deeper with the relationships that one already has. The goal, through it all, is to build a strong community, strengthened […]

Giving Bosnians the chance to read the Bible

In a world where things are constantly changing, we know that God’s Word provides us with unwavering direction for our lives. The influence of the Bible has been obscured for centuries in our location, but we are fighting back with a new online program for reading the Bible. Over the past year, I have been […]

Reaching behind the Iron Curtain

Throughout the 1980s, ministers and Christians from the West sought to start works in the countries of the Eastern Bloc. It was a different world then, and Eastern Europe was an enigma to westerners, cold and closed to foreigners. There were “undercover” teams that lived and worked in Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia during the height […]