Get yourself on TV. I did.

You really must read this message I got through our Facebook page recently. Dear sir, I am a fourth year student at the college of human sciences, with my concentration in communications sciences. I am currently working in my internship with City Television station, and we are shooting one episode in which my assignment is […]

Setting a rhythm for reaching people

Over the course of a ministry year, there are obvious ups and downs. Certain times in the year lend themselves to large-scale promotions and bringing in new contacts, and other times are better for going deeper with the relationships that one already has. The goal, through it all, is to build a strong community, strengthened […]

A Video That Will Change Your Life.

Watch this video on the ESPN website here. To understand me, you’ve got to know something about basketball. When I was a kid, I loved basketball. I would play all day, and on the weekends I would watch it on TV. But I remember, about halfway through my teenage years, TBS, one of our Atlanta […]

We Do Not Have To Be Right

In order to understand my world you need to meet my kids. I have a son, aged 6 years, and a daughter, aged 3. About once a day, I hear something from my son that I usually never believe. Sometimes he screams it at me, sometimes he says it while crying, and sometimes he is just slightly […]