3 Questions To Ask When Watching the News

Sit down. Turn on the tv (or the tele for you non US). Flip over to CNN, Fox, or BBC. Listen to their account of current events. Pick up your phone. Open Facebook, tap on this article and that, and read about how the President is corrupt or good, or how our society has forgotten […]

Men: Don’t be Mules. 

Be not like a horse or a mule, without understanding… – Psalm 32:9 We men are stupid. We achieve great things, show great promise, and then put it all at risk for sex. Here is a good synopsis of the male condition. As the article says, Men whose lives are filled with gifts and opportunity, […]

A Video That Will Change Your Life.

Watch this video on the ESPN website here. To understand me, you’ve got to know something about basketball. When I was a kid, I loved basketball. I would play all day, and on the weekends I would watch it on TV. But I remember, about halfway through my teenage years, TBS, one of our Atlanta […]