Holidays in the land of Narnia

Another November is upon us, the weather is getting colder, windier, and altogether unpleasant. Amid the busy-ness of life in general, we are about to enter the American holiday season — an undeniably important time of year, regardless of our location outside of our American homeland. “Always winter, never Christmas” Christmas and Thanksgiving are two […]

Giving makes the season brighter

This season we’ve chosen to ask our students to bring clothes and help us collect something to give away to poor families in our community. Through our church we have obtained a list of people who are in need in the community, and we will be using the things we collect to help make the […]

A Christmas of Simplicity 

From a reading on Spiritual discipline: “Simplicity – Matthew 6:33 – 34. Pursue a life free from striving after material things. Do not worry yourself trying to get the latest and best of every new item that comes on the market. Determine not to be enslaved to material possessions and excessive busyness that is so […]