Giving Bosnians the chance to read the Bible

In a world where things are constantly changing, we know that God’s Word provides us with unwavering direction for our lives. The influence of the Bible has been obscured for centuries in our location, but we are fighting back with a new online program for reading the Bible. Over the past year, I have been […]

Popular posts of 2016

I have not written as much this year as I did in 2015, but I thought I’d end the year by revisiting the most popular posts of 2016. Enjoy! I belong here. This was written after a visit to the hospital where someone made a well-intended but ill-timed remark about speaking the local language. The most important […]

Reaching behind the Iron Curtain

Throughout the 1980s, ministers and Christians from the West sought to start works in the countries of the Eastern Bloc. It was a different world then, and Eastern Europe was an enigma to westerners, cold and closed to foreigners. There were “undercover” teams that lived and worked in Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia during the height […]

The most important day in my lifetime

In order to understand my world, you need to understand something about culture. The place where I live is deeply divided. Not 20 years ago, the people here experienced a complex war, between 3 sides, which was stopped by the international community in 1995, and left the city divided. There are literally two halves of […]

Belonging Before Believing: Responding to the Christian Establishment on polity

This morning I was surprised to find the following story in my Facebook feed: Jonathan Leeman on why authoritarianism is uniquely evil, Christian freeloaders, the problem with “belonging before believing,” and more. Posted by The Gospel Coalition on Monday, August 31, 2015 What’s that?! Belonging before believing? Someone on The Gospel Coalition is talking about SOMETHING THAT I’VE […]

We Were Always Supposed to be Exiles

Beloved, I urge you as sojourners and exiles… – 1 Peter 2:11 This morning I ran across a thoughtful article by one radio personality who professes to be a born-again Christian.  As I read his words about culture and Christianity, my mind came back to 1 Peter 2, and again to current events in  the United States. […]

The Poor Will Always Be With You

  Today I’m just going to punt.  Here’s a great article that you should read about the situation of the poor. Everyone who thinks of themselves as a Christian should read it, I think. As the author says, there is one verse from Scripture in particular that seems like it should govern our thinking about relating […]