Belonging, Believing, and Becoming in Bosnia

Belonging, Believing, and Becoming in Bosnia

Everybody needs a place where they can belong. My path to becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ began because of a community of believers that I felt I belonged to. To hear more of my story, go here.

Belonging is essential to becoming a follower of Jesus.

We believe here that belonging is an essential step toward becoming a follower of Jesus. And we are working to build a community where students — the future leaders of the country — will be able to belong, believe in God, and become the people they are created to be.

What does our ministry look like?

People often ask me what I do on a daily basis. I always say generally that we are building a movement of Christ-centered students, but I know that brings up different ideas for different people.

We work on the two campuses in our city to help students academically by teaching English and organizing academic and social events that help students in their education and in their outlook on life.

In mid-October, we held our second “EQ Seminar”, an all-day event with lectures and workshops about emotional intelligence, self-management, and personal success. You can read about the event here. Both EQ Seminars were attended by over 100 students.

We work hard to build a good reputation, and meet as many students as we can. We share the gospel with the students we meet, and we trust God to work in their hearts. We also serve faithfully in our church, and bring students who are ready to see gospel community in action.

700 believers.

Right now, there are very few followers of Christ in our country. We think there are only about 700 believers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. But we know that we’ve been called to the work we are doing, and we believe that it’s an important part of the gospel going forward in this part of the world.

You can help us do this.

Everything we do is possible because of people who generously give to support our work. And we would like you to consider contributing to this work in some way. The gifts of our supporters help fund everything from our salary, to travel expenses, to supplies and materials for student events. And we can’t say enough about how encouraging it is to know that people like you are giving and praying for our work.

Give here.