The purpose of podcasts, church teams, and the mission movement (TBP Podcast episode 10)

This is our 10th ever episode. The purpose of a podcast is to give you another way to connect with us and see what we do, in a format that you can put in your iPod or iPhone and listen to while you do something else, while you drive, or run, or whenever you happen to listen to podcasts. It’s an opportunity to tell stories in a more free and personal way than we would in a blog post. And it’s a way for you to connect more deeply with our story.

Podcast Episode 9 / EQ Seminar, Chris Cornell, Manchester

In recent days the complexity and depravity of our world has been on display, from a notable suicide of a famous singer, to the terrorist attack during a pop concert in Manchester, UK. These events are reminders that we are ultimately vulnerable, and that it is impossible to remove all risk from life on this earth. But there will come a day when these things will pass, and for that day we wait with great anticipation.
May you press on toward that day, and hold close to the one who went to his death chasing after you.

Financial Report 2016, New Team Member, Looking ahead to 2017 (TBP Podcast Episode 6)

This episode is the first of 2017, and there is much to be thankful for in the new year. Thanks to all of you who gave and prayed for our work — 2016 was an amazing year for our work, and God provided generously through you.