This is my blog. This is the still-unfinished story of my life as a world-traveler, youth worker, father, and husband. I’m learning to make a normal life in the midst of a lot of abnormal circumstances. In this blog I focus on various issues, namely Bosnia, culture, language, international relations, current events, Christianity, and family issues.


I’ve been involved in youth work in Bosnia since 2003. On some level, I think I always knew that living overseas would be in the cards for me. It hasn’t been easy to live in a foreign country and learn a new language, a new culture, and a new way to live, but it has never been boring. I’ve learned to dream big, and I’m a better man for it.


This is the word that has always described me, since I was 5 years old. As a kid I drew on everything I could get my hands on. I painted, sketched, and built things. I even tried sculpting a few times. I’ve learned that creativity is never to be ignored or forgotten, even as we get older and move on to more “serious” occupations.


For a long time I tried to hide this fact; I’m slowly learning that there is no point in selling the world a false image. I am a deeply flawed person. I think we all are. That is all.


I believe God has a purpose for me. I believe he put me in Bosnia for many reasons. I don’t believe there is one sole reason — I believe life is more complicated than that. But I’m slowly learning why my life didn’t go the way I may have planned it out when I was 18.

I also believe that the world is an amazing place. I want to use my work and experiences to leave the world better than I found it, and I want to help young people do the same.

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