My daughter Hannah, with her first friend from our new city

The movers have been hired, things are going into boxes, and we are getting ready to beginning n the next chapter of our Bosnia adventure. Mostar, here we come.

Mostar is the long awaited next phase in our team’s ministry in Bosnia, as we advance with our plan to expand to all the major university towns in the country by 2020. For nearly 14 years, we have existed only in Sarajevo, laboring at the largest university in the country and building a community where students an belong, believe in God and become the people they were created to be. Now we’re taking that vision to a new front, a place where there Christian student work has never been done, and we’re trusting God to provide in a big big way. 

However, this new adventure comes with a cost. We are leaving the city we have called home for 5 years. Our children have loved their time at kindergarten here, we have loved our church family, and we have etched out a life for ourselves in one of Yugoslavia’s great capital cities. All of that is going away as we head out into the unknown. 

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